24 Jan

Can I just tell you, I slept 10 hours last night?!? Amazing. My schedule was changed so that I was off today instead of tomorrow, so I slept until 7:45 and honestly felt like a new person. Then lacrosse-balled the heck out of my shoulders before the workout (like, ten minutes straight) and as a result felt limber for the first time in days. I mean, I might possibly have still failed a power clean in the workout that I really should have made (LOL), but that was 99% mental… diet can’t fix everything!

Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, then ‘steak and eggs’… hamburger patty topped with sunny-side-up egg, plus salt, pepper, cumin, and salsa. Followed by the last of the meatloaf (a pretty darn big chunk) with spicy mustard.

(Honestly, that meal carried me through most of the day. I wasn’t hungry again until close to 5pm, and even then, the only way I could tell I needed to eat was that my mood took a huge dip. Once the sweet potato was in the microwave, then my stomach started voicing an opinion, but the mental signals preceded the physical ones, which was… interesting.)

Workout: noon CrossFit. My first experience with lateral box jumps… although I defaulted to the regular forward-facing ones for the workout (not quite comfortable enough with those yet to be ready for another step up), I did try a few at the end of class. Scary, but not impossible.

Snack #1: coffee with almond milk (today’s Trader Joe’s experiment)… and wow, it might not look as ‘pretty’ in the cup as the coconut milk does (kind of grainy), but tasted friggin’ delicious.

Dinner: ‘clean’ chicken sausage made with spinach, garlic, and fontina (no stomachache from that small amount of cheese—hooray!) and two organic sweet potatoes (grown in NC!) with butter and cinnamon. best sweet potatoes I have ever. eaten. in. my. life. Inspired me to grate two more and make a big batch of sweet potato hash, which smelled so good I’m genuinely surprised it made it to the fridge. Planning to eat half of it tomorrow morning with a sunny-side-up egg or two.

Snack #2: popcorn with cinnamon (thought I was done for the night, but my roomie got home late from surgery and wanted a snack—so we did it the legit way, plain kernels popped in a pot on the stove with a little olive oil. Very pioneer-ish) plus a small handful of walnuts.

I also cooked up a storm tonight – made the chicken sausages as above, plus two pounds of organic ground beef (made hamburgers out of one pound, regular old crumbled ground beef out of the other) and the sweet potato hash. Also bought avocados, apples, almond meal, brown rice, and more eggs. There’s going to be some good eatin’ this weekend. I’m also excited to finally try the ‘bulletproof’ (buttered) coffee on Saturday morning… already got some high-quality fair-trade organic espresso-roasted beans, and bought some unsalted grass-fed Kerrygold today. High hopes!

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